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while unemployment is high, a local career expert says some the odds well, unemployment is high, and a local career expert says some job hunters are defying the odds, even now. are you in this lucky age group? find out. and, find out how you can get into the san francisco winter garden festival for free. i am susan sikora, and this is "bay area focus/black renaissance", next.
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one third of job seekers are now over 50, making their competition younger and often more appealing to employers. or welcome to the show. i am susan sikora. job seekers are now over 50. world report, and my first guest, claim that the scary unemployment numbers are lowest for those, get this, 55 and over. hard to believe, contrary to the stats. but local job search specialist, mary eileen williams says workers, 55-
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plus, are landing more jobs than any other age group, so far. meet mar i eileen williams, the author of 10 strategies for job seekers over 50. welcome. >> thank you for having me, susan. >> we should say, even though these things are targeted to people over 50, there are a lot of skills in the book that anybody can use, yes? >> oh, absolutely. i just wanted to make sure everybody of my generation, given so much bad news of late, are able to step up to the plate with employment strategies. >> well, the lowest ones come in at 3% for people over 50 as far as unemployment rates. did you suspect a lot of these people aren't looking anymore? they disappeared and that is
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why the numbers are low, or are they really getting hired? >> there are a combination of factors. that could be possible, or they could be underemployed, taking part-time positions at fast food restaurants. but what i was really encouraged by, in the past 15 months before that, from january 2010 , to april 1, 2011, those 15 months, the age group landing the most jobs by far were the 55 and older. that was 103 million jobs. so, even though it may include some underemployment and people that gave up, those numbers are still massive. i felt quite good about it. >> okay. you see people everyday looking for work, and you advise them, certainly. are a lot of them finding the jobs they really want, given maybe they are underemployed, but underemployed in something he really want to do. >> that is another phenomenon
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that takes place in midlife. for a lot of us, our values change and shift. we may not be looking for the high profile jobs or the job with a lot of money, but we may be wanting to shift careers and give back to society. absolutely. i think it depends, again, sometimes people need to accept an income producing job. they may accept something not that fulfilling. but if they have the opportunity, especially in midlife and older, we want to find something that gives us more than a monetary reward. >> okay. you are based in the east bay and you do a show called feist i over 50? >> yes. >> a lot of the jobs, high- tech, a lot of older people think they may be up on email, they can work their computer, do research, and do a little playing around with the family photos, but they are not so
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sure they know all the high- tech they need to know for maybe a job that is open. >> that is a wonderful question. if i were to ask -- i call them stereo-type that is sting -- but younger employers that feel about those of us with a few years under our belt, one of the number one objections is we don't have the chops, the technical ability to do the job. what i suggest people do is get those. there are a lot of classes you can take. there is even online train that is free. software online train that is free. we don't need to -- training that is free. we don't need to be technically adept for most jobs, but we have to be able to mantel technicality for the most part. >> right. people need to know how to work the computer. there may not be that many skills for the particular job you are going through. understand, young people -- i
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was talking to my gad daughter in an ivy league school, she is brilliant -- my god daughter, an ivy league school, is brilliant. she says she doesn't want to do the computer high-tech positions evenly though those recruiters come to the campus. she says that is not me. i am saying, you can't assume everybody young want to do high- tech. >> me, too. and in the age group we are discussing, most people who begin their own businesses are in their 50s to 60s. so, they will oftentimes hire peers, their friends, and a lot of jobs are gotten now in small businesses. if we are looking for work as a mature job seeker, not everybody want to work at and they may be able to find
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employment. >> well, let's weave a few of them in here. some of the strategies have changed. some have not. which have changed in. >> in order to be competitive today, we have to understand the rules of the job market today. one huge one that come to mind immediately for me is presenting our resumes. we used to remember to go down and hand out 100 copies of a resume. you can still get it on nice paper when you are in a interview situation, bring in copies of your resume, if you want, but one of the key specks, that is -- aspects that is so different, if you don't customize the resume in response to the advertising position, they won't even see it. they have computer scanning software that only pulls up resume that is relate to the skill-set they are looking for. >> you say we have to have a resume that rocks. first of all, you say one size
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fits all is not true. what about dates. i went to college and got my degree, but i don't want to tell them what degree i graduate, because they will think i am a fossil. >> that is a question that comes up often. we talk dates. i will give you my opinion on the dates one. it is not exact science. >> on a resume we only need to go back about 15 years. the most recent experience is what they are interested in finding out about. however, you kind start a resume as a senior manager. you may want to put an additional section, that says added relevant experience, put job titles without dates on it. as far as education when you graduated, you do not need -- in my opinion -- other career counselors feel differently -- you do not need to add a date. >> all right. we will talk about social
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networks, regular networking, how much face-to-face you have to do, and a thank you note. where does that stand these days? when we return.
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seg. 3 summer's half over . . .but there's plenty of
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mary eileen williams is my guest. she has a book about job seekers over 50. we were talking about adding dates to their resume. what else can you is a say about that? >> well, a lot of job seekers make themselves appear to be 30 or 35. you don't want to do that. if you get an interview often you walk through the door and expecting to greet someone who is in their 30's, they are going to feel like they have been misled, so that could start the interview off on a very sour note. >> right. >> so, i think showing 15 to 20 years. if you are putting something like 20-plus year office experience, where you are telling the truth. you don't need to get too detailed, but you are not
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misleading them that you are a kid, either. >> okay. quickly, you say your resume should be scannable? how do i know my resume is scannable? >> keywords. taking the keywords and making sure they are highlighted on your resume and easy to find. >> they say we are looking for a team player. the word team player should come up early on in whatever i am sending, and the cover letter, too. >> throw the creativity out the window. give them what they want. >> you have a friend that is knowledgeable, it should pass the 30 second test. what does that mean? >> i like that one. even when people do scan resumes and are only aren'ted with a few resumes, according to the software and all they pulled up, studies show that they spend 30 seconds or less deciding whether or not they will read your resume. as you hand your resume to friends, count in your head to
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30, and see if they hand it back again and say what do you remember from the resume. >> in case they are afraid to hurt your feeling in the. >> yes. what you want to know is what information leaps off the page. >> yes. and what about action verbs. you like them, too. >> they are critical. show ownership of the skill sets you are presenting. a past tense verb is critical. but, even more than action verbs that are critical, you want to focus on the results you produced. you don't want to say i increased sales by 30%. it should say, instead, increased sales, 30%. and in shorthand, too. don't worry about writing full sentences. >> these are memo style. and the numbers you just gave, as an example, when you can quantify those accomplishments or achievements, you make them even more real. >> when you go into the interview, they are not
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expecting somebody younger. they expect somebody older, but you are expecting somebody older on the other side of the desk. you see the person interviewing you, possibly hiring you, is now the age of your son in college or beyond? >> great question, too. >> what if she looks at me younger and i don't know if i can. i am older. >> i think younger employers do not want to have mommy or daddy report to them, just like you said. so, i think it is huge in an interview to actually bring this up proactively and say something in the interview, because they are likely not going to say to you, others, you are older than i thought. obviously not. you may say something like throughout my career, i worked with people of all ages, i learned from people of all ages. i report to younger bosses and it has never been an issue to me. i look forward to working in an environment with a variety of
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ages. >> what if on your resume you say you are the one in charge for a number of years and then you are out of work. then the interviewer thinks you are job floating. you will take this for a while, and then when something better comes they may be out the door or they may feel they are too good for the job or overqualified. how do you handle that? >> well, one of the things, i always say in a lot of situations in an interview, you want to think politician. be positive and vague. answer the question, maybe not quite in all the detail, but, if you have a sense they believe you are overqualified, you may something like in a position like this, i am sure you will afford me many opportunity to increase my skill set, etc., etc., or, if you actually want to take a step down -- that is another thing, we get in our late 50's or 60's, and we may not want
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to climb the corporate ladder again. i want to come in and do a great job. at this point in my job, i like to roll up my sleeves and gets down to work. exactly. i have a different set of criteria i am looking forward to at this time in my career. >> and since you mentioned politicians, you bring up social media, because people don't know how to use them. everyone need to know, if you put something on twitter or facebook for your friends, will it be there forever. >> absolutely. linked in the a huge site people use to network with people. you want to make sure your profile on linked in customized with your resume. you want to make sure everything is lining up and you are presenting yourself the seasoned professional that you are. >> you like thank you note in the. >> i absolutely do. >> is email okay or do i have to do a handwritten one? >> that is a question a lot of
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people ask. i think it is personal. if you are going for a job in high-tech and you submit a handwritten thank you note, that may look a little stranger. also, how quickly do you send the thank you note, i think email is fine. a lot of people think you need to send the note immediately, the that day or later the next day. however, it may help to wait a few days, because they will get the thank you note then and it is a really good point for you. >> and if you like the casual jacket usually, up it a notch for an interview? >> right. whiten your teeth. it is very important. >> botox, cosmetic surgery? >> i don't think that is necessary. you want to exude an you are row of confidence, energy and enthusiasm for the position and you do that with the nonverbals and a lot of us is visual.
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>> just ask dana. right! the look is called "land a job you love: 10 surefire strategies for job seekers over 50". it is by mary eileen williams. you can also hear more on a radio show you do called >> absolutely. >> thank you. thank you for being here. >> thank you, susan. >> stay with us. more ahead. >> ow! >> can you read my number? >> announcer: attention, those on medicare with diabetes. you may be eligible for an
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free programs yet to go - and free - at the yerba buena gardens festival. here to tell us what's left - and there s plenty thru october - is the festival's communications director, marshall lamm. * * * * * * * * * clip 1 sot: 2:00 the free concerts at yerba buena gardens welcome back to "bay area focus/black renaissance." well, summer is officially half over. but we still want to talk about the summer festival. how much of this festival is free? we have a special guest to explain more. >> all of it is free. from august through october, there are 40 free events, dance, music, children programs, poetry, all sorts of stuff. >> you have a new thing called words and voices. it got my attention. new this year, the spoken word? >> yes. it is a program that was created highlighted lip quake,
8:22 am
youth speaks,. >> youth squeak? >> no. youth quake. and youth speaks. it is a program for youth to use the spoken word, poetry. they will be doing it at the winter gardens. >> is there coral reading? >> yes, there is. >> i love that. and there is also music, obviously? >> there is a loft great music, especially in august and september. everything from orchestra central music, and cuban music, and wonderful local singers and song writers, a lot of great stuff. >> we have a sample of some of the music you can hear at this festival. let's take a listen... ♪[ music playing ]
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>> okay. there is a lot of culture stuff. is there opera, also? i thought i read? >> there is. there are opera programs i read about over in summertime. there is loot of singing, dance -- there is a lot of singing, dancing, operatic music, and even latin and all different types of stuff. >> how do you choose your performer, deciding who gets to get up on that stage? >> i think it is based on -- it is kind of across the world. you try and do world music. hawaiian music, artist that is are local, doing really compelling new things in the program, everything from based on i think what linda said, the
8:24 am
artistic director, executive director, likes. people come to here with programs. it is not just come to a concert, but let's do an interactive show. something different you would do if you were playing atio shy's or different other places. it is before active. >> they look professional to me from what i saw. they are probably not -- i don't know, are they household name in the. >> yes. >> okay. but they are professional? >> yes. very professional. >> and can beginners get a shot at fame? >> no. >> these are people polished, with ready to go acts and ready to go and sing? >> that is correct. >> i don't have to have reservations. i can just show up? >> it is free and bar accessible, on mission between 4th and 5th street. you can bring a blanket and picnic. we ask people to bring sunscreen and a little jacket. >> right. you may come from the east bay where it is hot and all of a sudden you end up there with a
8:25 am
lot of fog. >> right. most of the events are saturday and sunday, outdoors and it is free. you don't need reservations. you just neat to get there early. >> are there chairs? do i it is on the ground? >> you can bring your own chairs. you can bring a blanket. there is a children's garden, also, closer to the carousel, museum and bowling alley. bring a blanket, chair, friends -- >> and comfortable layers and sunscreen? >> yes. exactly. >> and what is fun dancing? >> it takes place in front of jesse's square the first thursday of every month. in august it is a close mer group called plex. they offer dancing. >> i heard if you go early they will give you dancing lessons? >> yes. and the band will play and
8:26 am
everyone can learn the stuff, perform all the stuff they learned. in october there is a salsa band and salsa lessons. the band there performs, as well. >> we have dance, music and opera. >> and the san francisco mine troop is performing in august. they are award -- mime troop is performing in august. they are award-winning and have been around for many, many years. >> so, local performers and people come from other place in the. >> exactly. >> who is traveling the furthest? >> we have one group in september bringing sever famous cuban musicians from cuba. that is a one-time only kind of performance for free in the gardens. >> where do we park? >> on the 5th street and mission garage. or they can leave the car at home and take bart. >> very good. are the performers -- do you pay them? >> the artists are paid.
8:27 am
the money comes from private donations, grants, foundation awards, and people perform -- they ask for probably less than they would make at other places, but it is free, and rd and an incredible culture experience not only for the audience but artists, as well. >> any chance for dialogue with the artists afterwards? >> yes. they can stick around and hangout. of course. and some of the events include interactive q & a. people can ask questions, tell us history of the instruments, the band members, etc. >> okay. marshall lambert, thank you for being here and telling us about this. if you want to do something with your family this summer that doesn't cost a lot -- a stay-cation, vacation is over for some people at this point, maybe, show up. the free concerts continue through october 30th.
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for more information visit thanks for w i am susan sikora. thank you for watching today. clip close yerba buena
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